Faculty Lecturers

Headshot of Zein El-Amine

Zein Al-Amine (He/him/his)
Email: ze37@georgetown.edu (new window)

Clock tower of Healy Hall

Mary Jane Barnett
Research/Teaching Specialties: Shakespeare–the Use of Twins in The Comedy of Errors and Twelfth Night, Rhetorical/Spatial Figures both as Theatrical Devices and as Epistemological Poetics, Utopian Dreams and Dystopian Disappointments, Writing and Culture
Email: barnetmj@georgetown.edu

Headshot of Schuler Benson

Schuler Benson (He/Him/His)
Writing Program
Email: jb3097@georgetown.edu

Headshot of Rebecca Boylan

Rebecca Boylan
Research/Teaching Specialties: 19th-20th Century British/Global Literature; Lit, Art, and Film of WWI; Detective Fiction and Film, Victorian Literature and Photography; Exploring Narrative/Prose/Verse through Epistemology, Ethics, and Aesthetics
Email: boylanr@georgetown.edu

Georgetown Seal on Healy Gate

Kelly Cole
Research/Teaching Specialties: 20th-Century American Culture, Television History and Criticism, Film Studies, Representations of Race and Gender in Media, Advertising
Email: kelly.cole@georgetown.edu

Edith Frampton, PhD (She/her/hers)
Research/Teaching Specialties: Dramatic Literature and Theatre Practices, Shakespeare in Performance, Composition, Twentieth-Century Anglophone Women’s Writing, Literary Theory
Email: ef698@georgetown.edu

Headshot of Lisbeth Fuisz; a brunette woman wearing a patterned scarf.

Lisbeth Fuisz
Research/Teaching Specialties: Twentieth-Century U.S. Literature and Culture, Composition/Rhetoric, Gender Studies/Feminist Theory, Native American Studies, Pedagogy and History of U.S. Education, Critical Multiculturalism and Social Justice Theory, Disability Studies
Email: fuiszl@georgetown.edu

Headshot of Sophia Grabiec

Sophia Grabiec (She/her/hers)
Communications and Events Coordinator – Center for New Designs in Learning & Scholarship
Email: sg1484@georgetown.edu

Headshot of Sara Schotland

Sara Schotland
Research/Teaching Specialties: Disability Studies, Law and Literature, Literature of War, Utopia/Dystopia Studies
Email: ss735@georgetown.edu

Nick Seifert (He/Him/His)
Creative Writing. Fiction. 20th Century American Literature. Composition.
Email: ns1379@georgetown.edu

Headshot of Christopher Shinn

Christopher Shinn
Research/Teaching Specialties: Asian American and African American Literatures, World Literature and Film, Comparative Ethnicities and Race, Theories of Diaspora, Postcolonial Studies, Critical Theory, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Pulp Fiction
Email: cas262@georgetown.edu

Statue of John Carroll, Georgetown's Founder.

Norma Tilden
Research Specialties: Writing and Writing Pedagogy, Nonfiction Prose, Contemporary Essay, Nature Writing, Ecocriticism
Email: tildenn@georgetown.edu

Roses in front of Healy Hall

Niles Tomlinson
Research/Teaching Specialties: American Gothic Fiction, 19th Century American Literature, Animal Studies
Email: bnt2@georgetown.edu