Current Students

This website is your most up-to-date resource for general program information, and you will find many of the answers to your questions here. However, it will be important for you to  familiarize yourself with the Graduate School's website, as well; that is where you will find relevant Graduate School policies and procedures regarding registration, thesis formatting and submission, graduation, and more. It is also where you will download much of the paperwork you might need to navigate the program and, eventually, if you choose, to submit a thesis.

Additionally, please download the Graduate School Bulletin and consult it for information on academic policies and procedures.

If you still have questions or need clarification, please contact Academic Administrator Jessica Marr.  

Other Program Features

You are invited to view course offerings, faculty profiles with research specialties, and Thesis and Capstone Project information to the left. Below are some additional features of our program that you may be interested in or may apply to you, as well as instructions on how to pursue them, if necessary.

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Taking Graduate Courses Prior to Admission

Qualified prospective students may enroll in courses through the School for Summer and Continuing Education. Credits from these graduate courses, as well as courses taken by students under Special Student status, may be transferred prior to admission to the M.A. program in English. In these two situations, only 6 credits may be transferred toward the M.A. degree. Students required to register as Special Students for probationary purposes will sometimes be permitted to transfer more than 6 credits toward the degree, depending upon the conditions of their admission.

Transfer of Credit

Classes from other institutions or classes taken at Georgetown University prior to admission to a Georgetown graduate degree program cannot be transferred to the English M.A. degree until after the student has successfully completed a semester of full-time registration as a graduate student at Georgetown. Students may receive up to 6 credits toward the M.A. for graduate English courses taken at another university, provided they have earned at least a B. Courses taken seven or more years ago are not usually accepted for transfer.

To REQUEST transfer of credit:
  1. Complete a Student Petition for Change to Graduate Program form (available on the Academic Forms section of the Graduate School's website).
  2. Submit the form, as well as a transcript that lists the course you would like to transfer, to Prof. O'Malley's mailbox in New North 306.
  3. Follow-up with Jessica Marr to ensure that the form was signed and sent to the Graduate School for approval.
Courses in Other Departments

A student may take up to 6 credits in other departments of the university, provided that he or she has the permission of the Director of Graduate Studies in English and of the instructor of the course.

Pass/Fail Course Policy

Graduate classes in the English Department can be taken pass/fail only with the permission of the instructor and the Director of Graduate Studies; however, a graduate class taken pass/fail cannot be applied to any degree program, including the English M.A. degree.

Washington Consortium of Universities

M.A. candidates may take graduate courses through the Washington Consortium of Universities. Courses taken through the Consortium must be on topics not available at Georgetown and must be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies in English and the course instructor. Since it is not possible to pre-register for Consortium courses, students have to add in at the beginning of the semester.

Approval forms may be obtained at the Registrar's office (G-01 White-Gravenor). Consortium courses may not be taken Pass/Fail or S/U. The Registrar maintains a file of Consortium university catalogs. For up-to-date information on course offerings and schedules, it is best to call the particular department at the Consortium university.

Please see the Registrar's website for more information.

Folger Institute Program Offerings

For the 2016-17 academic year, the Folger Institute will not be offering seminars exclusively for M.A. students. If you would like to apply for one of their advanced program offerings, please visit their website here for more information.

In May 2017, the Folger Institute will offer a one-week Orientation to Research Methods that is open to students in their early years of graduate work. You can find information about that Orientation, including application and funding deadlines here.