Libbie Rifkin was recently honored at the Center for Social Justice (CSJ) Celebration with the James Slevin Award for Engaged Scholarship. This award recognizes a Community-Based Learning (CBL) course, research project, or initiative that successfully integrates research and/or course objectives with student community work, while promoting student engagement with fundamental social justice issues; has facilitated the student's or students' ability to reflect on their community-based work; has created meaningful connections between academic material and experiences in the community; and uplifts community voices.

CSJ Executive Director, Andria Wisler wrote that Rifkin was "nominated and selected for this award because [her] work embodies a strong commitment to social justice, the CSJ, and our community, particularly through [her] leadership of the Disability Studies Initiative and creation of a Disability Studies minor. We honor [her] commitment to uplifting disability through a social justice lens, [her] creative and informative campus-wide events, [...] and [her] compassionate dedication to... community partners."

Congratulations, Libbie!