The following is the Department of English faculty directory. For a breakdown by specialty, please see "Research/Teaching Specialties" listed below each faculty title.

Randy BassRandall Bass

Vice Provost for Education & Professor of English
Executive Director, Center for New Designs in Learning & Scholarship
Director, Visible Knowledge Project

Research/Teaching Specialties: Learning, pedagogy and design; impact of digital technologies on education

Caetlin Benson-AllottCaetlin Benson-Allott

Associate Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: US film history, Film theory, Video and digital media cultures, New media studies, Feminist and queer theory, Materialism and object studies, Horror Media


Ashley CohenAshley Cohen

Assistant Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: 18th-Century British and Transatlantic Literature, British Imperial History, Postcolonial and Transnational Studies


Michael CollinsMichael J. Collins

Teaching Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Shakespeare and Anglo-Welsh Poetry of the 20th-Century, Shakespeare, Modern British Drama, Medieval/Renaissance Drama


Maureen CorriganMaureen Corrigan

The Nicky and Jamie Grant Distinguished Professor of the Practice in Literary Criticism
Research/Teaching Specialties: The work of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Contemporary Literature, The Literature of New York City, Public Intellectuals in America, American Detective Fiction, Women's Autobiography, 19th Century British Poetry and Prose

Maggie DebeliusMargaret A. Debelius

Teaching Professor
Director of Faculty Initiatives, CNDLS
Research/Teaching Specialties: Writing Studies, Faculty Development, Graduate Education, Victorian Literature

Barbara Feinman-ToddBarbara Feinman Todd

Professor of the Practice
Director, Journalism Program
Research/Teaching Specialties: Investigative reporting, Global Press Freedom, Voice, Memoir


Jennifer Natalya FinkJennifer Natalya Fink - Director of Honors & Awards

Associate Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Creative Writing, Performance Studies, Queer Theory


Carolyn ForchéCarolyn L. Forché

University Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Poetry writing, Poetry of Witness, 20th/21st-Century Poetry in English and in translation, Documentary Poetics, Literature and Human Rights, Short-Form Prose and the Lannan Seminar

Aminatta FornaAminatta Forna

Lannan Foundation Endowed Chair
Visiting Professor

Research/Teaching Specialties: Creative writing, fiction; Creative writing, non-fiction; Witness literature; Transnational literature

Pamela FoxPamela Fox - Director of Graduate Studies

Research/Teaching Specialties: American and British working-class literature and culture, country music, feminist theory, literature by women, transracial and transnational adoption, motherhood memoirs and literature


David GewanterDavid Gewanter

Research/Teaching Specialties: Creative Writing, Poetry Writing, Modern & Contemporary Poems, The Lyric, "Investigative" Poems, Composition



John GlavinJohn Glavin

Director, Georgetown Office of Fellowships, Awards, and Research
Research/Teaching Specialties: Writing for the Screen, Nineteenth-Century Fiction, Adaptation


Nathan HensleyNathan Hensley

Assistant Professor
Co-organizer, Modernities Working Group
Research/Teaching Specialties: Victorian Literature, Literary Theory, Cultures of Contemporary Globalization, The Novel, Ecology


John HirshJohn C. Hirsh

Research/Teaching Specialties: Medieval literature, especially Chaucer, Religious and Secular Lyrics, and medieval spirituality, especially mysticism and late medieval devotion, 19th-Century American Literature, Urban Literacy


Brian HochmanBrian Hochman

Assistant Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: American Studies, 19th and 20th Century American Literature and Culture, Film and Media Studies



M. Lindsay KaplanM. Lindsay Kaplan

Associate Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Shakespeare, Early Modern English drama, Religion, Race, Gender, Bible as Literature

Sherry Lee LinkonSherry Lee Linkon

Faculty Director of Writing Curriculum Initiatives
Research/Teaching Specialties: Teaching and learning in the humanities, Working-class studies, American literature


David LipscombDavid Lipscomb

Director of the Writing Center
Assistant Teaching Professor

Research/Teaching Specialties: Writing Studies, Professional Writing, Writing Center Studies and Administration

Dana LucianoDana Luciano

Associate Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: 19th century US Literature and Culture, Queer theory, Film, Photography and Media Studies, Environmental Humanities



Edward J. MaloneyEdward J. Maloney

Professor of the Practice
Executive Director of the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship
Research/Teaching Specialties: 20th Century Modern and Postmodern Fiction, Narrative Theory, Critical Theory, Digital Humanities, and Education Research



Mark McMorrisMark McMorris

Research/Teaching Specialties: Twentieth-century and contemporary poetry & poetics, Avant-garde and experimental poetry & poetics, Poetry writing, Postcolonial literature and theory


Sarah McNamerSarah McNamer

Associate Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Medieval literature and culture (English, Italian, French), Middle English literature, the history of emotion, global medieval literatures


Lori MerishLori A. Merish

Associate Professor



Angelyn MitchellAngelyn Mitchell

Associate Professor
Director, Minority Mentoring Program
Research/Teaching Specialties: African American Literary & Cultural Studies; African American Studies; American Literary and Cultural Studies; Morrison Studies; Critical Race Studies; African American Intellectual History; Black Popular Culture; Southern Studies; American Studies; Feminist Theory; Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies; Black Women Writers; Whiteness Studies; Ethnic Studies

Patrick O'MalleyPatrick R. O'Malley

Associate Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: 19th-Century British and Irish Literature and Culture, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Religion and Literature


Lena Cowen OrlinLena Cowen Orlin

Research/Teaching Specialties: Shakespeare and Renaissance drama



Ricardo OrtizRicardo Ortíz - English Department chair

Associate Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: US Latin@ Literature and Culture, Critical Theory, American Studies, Cultural Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies



Coilin ParsonsCóilín Parsons

Associate Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Irish Literature, Postcolonial Literature, Modernism



Robert PattersonRobert J. Patterson

Chair, Department of African American Studies
Affiliate Associate Professor of English

Research/Teaching Specialties: Race and Racism in American Culture, Rhythm and Blues Music and the Politics of Race, 20th Century African American Literature and Culture, Pre-20th Century African American Literature and Culture, Civil Rights and Black Leadership, Slavery's Legacies in Contemporary American Culture, Race and Racism in American Culture, African American Relationships and Gender Politics

Matthew PavesichMatthew P. Pavesich

Associate Teaching Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition Pedagogy



Seth PerlowSeth Perlow

Assistant Teaching Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: 20th-Century and Contemporary US Literature, Poetry and Poetics, Comparative Media Studies, Postmodern Fiction, Critical Theory


John PfordresherJohn C. Pfordresher

Research/Teaching Specialties: 19th-Century British literature, Catholic Studies: the Catholic Imagination


Amanda PhillipsAmanda Phillips

Assistant Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Media Studies, Digital Humanities, Feminist Theory, Critical Race Theory, Queer Theory



Samantha PintoSamantha N. Pinto - Director of Undergraduate Studies

Associate Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: African-American, African, Caribbean, and African Diaspora Literature and Culture; Postcolonial Studies; Feminist Theory; Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Ethnic Studies; Cultural Studies; American Studies; Poetry; Performance Studies


Libbie RifkinLibbie S. Rifkin

Teaching Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Modern and Contemporary American poetry including classes in modernism, African American and Women's poetry, Disability Studies, Gender and Poetic Friendship, Avant-garde poetic careers


Nicole RizzutoNicole Rizzuto

Associate Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Critical Theory, Modernism, Postcolonial/Anglophone Literature


Henry SchwarzHenry Schwarz

Research/Teaching Specialties: Literary Theory, Cultural Studies, Postcolonialism, India, Justice and Peace Studies, Social Change


Karen ShaupKaren Shaup

Associate Teaching Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Modernism, Digital Humanities, Composition Pedagogy



Daniel ShoreDaniel Shore

Associate Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Early Modern Literature, Digital Humanities, Linguistics, and Intellectual History



Christine SoChristine So

Associate Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Asian American Studies, Critical Race Studies, Law and Literature



Noël SugimuraNoël K. Sugimura

Associate Professor




Kathryn TempleKathryn Temple

Associate Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: 18th Century literature and culture; Law, Culture and the Humanities; Writing and Professional Writing; Graduate Education in the Humanities; Value of the Humanities


Norma TildenNorma Tilden

Teaching Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Writing and Writing Pedagogy, Nonfiction Prose, Contemporary Essay, Nature Writing and Ecocriticism


Kelley-Wickham CrowleyKelley Wickham-Crowley

Associate Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Old English and Early Middle English literature; intersections of physical and intellectual culture; Early Medieval archaeology of the British Isles; Feminist and Gender Theory and Medieval Sexualities; Anglo-Saxon architecture; Laamon's Brut (12th century verse history of Britain and Arthur); J.R.R. Tolkien's writings; and Fantasy and Science Fiction.


Duncan WuDuncan Wu

Raymond Wagner Professor of Literary Studies
Research/Teaching Specialties: Poetry, British Romanticism, Postwar British Drama


Adjunct Faculty

Mary Jane Barnett
Rebecca Boylan  
Gibson Cima
Kelly Cole
Stacy Day
Lisbeth Fuisz
Matthew Fullerty
Ellen L. Gorman
Laura Hartmann-Villalta
Jee Yoon Lee
Alis Sandosharaj
Sara Schotland
Christopher A. Shinn
B. Niles Tomlinson  
Elizabeth Velez
Joy Young