Department of English
Faculty Directors, Staff & Student Assistants

Faculty Directors

Portrait of Ricardo Ortiz

Ricardo Ortiz

  • US Latin@ Literature and Culture

  • Critical Theory

  • American Studies

  • Cultural Studies

  • Gender and Sexuality Studies

Portrait of Daniel Shore

Daniel Shore
Director of Undergraduate Studies

  • Early Modern Literature

  • Digital Humanities

  • Linguistics

  • Intellectual History

Portrait of Lori Merish

Lori Merish
Director of Honors & Awards

  • 19th and 20th Century U.S. Literature and Culture

  • Feminist Theory and Women’s Writing

  • Multi-Ethnic and Working-Class U.S. Literatures

  • Literature and Material Culture (including “Thing Theory” and Theories of Commodity Culture)

  • Transatlanticism

  • Literature and Economic Justice

Portrait of David Gewanter

David Gewanter
Director of Creative Writing Minor

  • Creative Writing

  • Poetry Writing

  • Modern & Contemporary Poems

  • The Lyric

  • "Investigative" Poems

  • Composition

Portrait of Pamela Fox

Pamela Fox
Director of Graduate Studies

  • American and British Working-Class Literature and Culture

  • Country Music

  • Feminist Theory

  • Literature by Women

  • Transracial and Transnational Adoption

  • Motherhood Memoirs and Literature


Portrait of Karen Lautman

Karen Lautman
Business Administrator

Portrait of Jessica Marr

Jessica Marr
Program Administrator

Portrait of Devon Shannahan

Devon Shannahan
Office Coordinator

Portrait of Patricia Guzman

Patricia Guzman
Program Coordinator
Lannan Center for Poetics & Social Practice

Student Assistants

Portrait of Georgetown Seal

Program Assistant

Portrait of Cindy Strizak

Cindy Strizak
Media Assistant