Undergraduate Program

The Department of English offers a major in English for students in Georgetown College, as well as a minor in English. An Honors program in English is also available.

In the English major, students have the opportunity to explore an extraordinary range of texts and diverse critical methods for engaging and analyzing those texts. The major allows students to select from a large variety of courses that attend to the complexity of texts in their historical, cultural, and formal contexts.

All English courses have as a goal the development of students' abilities as close readers and cogent writers. The major includes and values a variety of theoretical models. With the help of their departmental adviser, majors develop a coherent course of study that accords with their personal interests and that serves their goals for the future. To this end, the major serves two purposes: (1) to introduce students to the different approaches, methodologies, and topics of importance in the study of English, and (2) to assist students in focusing their studies according to their own developing interests.

Students will find in the English major a focus on those personal, social, and cultural concerns that are central to the goals of an undergraduate education, that enhance their personal growth, and that prepare them for responsible participation as citizens in a democracy. Courses often encourage students to connect their study in English to other disciplines at Georgetown. Students will also find a strong grounding for continued study in graduate school as well as valuable preparation for those professions and professional schools--for example, law, medicine, business--that require critical thinking, interpretive sophistication, awareness of cultural issues, and effective speaking and writing.

The English major program begins with the sophomore year. First-year students interested in the program should consult their first-year English professors. Departmental advisers are available to all English majors.

Students should familiarize themselves with the information on this web site. Please refer to the department website for updated information about the major and minor in English.


Director of Undergraduate Studies in English: Professor Christine So
Academic Coordinator: Jessica Marr