Full-Time Faculty

Headshot of Randy Bass

Randall Bass
Vice President for Strategic Education Initiatives
Research/Teaching Specialties: Learning, Pedagogy & Design; Impact of Digital Technologies on Education
Email: bassr(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Caetlin Benson-Allott

Caetlin Benson-Allott
Research/Teaching Specialties: US Film History; Film Theory; Video and Digital Media Cultures; New Media Studies; Feminist and Queer Theory; Materialism and Object Studies; Horror Media
Email: cb529(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Elizabeth Catchmark

Elizabeth Catchmark (She/Her/Hers)
Assistant Teaching Professor
Teaching/Research Specialties: Pedagogy; Rhetoric and Composition; Medical Humanities; Black Studies
Email: ec1368(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Manu Samriti Chander (He/Him/His)
Associate Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Nineteenth-Century Literature; Colonialism and Postcolonialism; Race and Empire
Email: mc2825(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Maureen Corrigan

Maureen Corrigan
The Nicky and Jamie Grant Distinguished Professor of the Practice in Literary Criticism
Research/Teaching Specialties: The work of F. Scott Fitzgerald; Contemporary Literature; The Literature of New York City; Public Intellectuals in America; American Detective Fiction; Women’s Autobiography; 19th Century British Poetry and Prose
Email: corrigam(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Margaret Debelius

Margaret Debelius
Teaching Professor
Director of the Faculty Initiatives, Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship

Research/Teaching Specialties: Writing Studies; Faculty Development; Graduate Education; Victorian Literature
Email: margaret.debelius(at)georgetown(dot)edu

A white woman with black, curly hair rests her chin on her fist, smiling at the viewer.

Jennifer Natalya Fink (She/Her/Hers)
Director, Disability Studies
Research/Teaching Specialties: Creative Writing; Performance Studies; Queer Theory; Disability Studies
Email: jnf5(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Carolyn Forché

Carolyn Forché
Distinguished University Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Poetry Writing; Poetry of Witness; 20th/21st-Century Poetry in English and in Translation; Documentary Poetics; Literature and Human Rights; Short-Form Prose; Lannan Seminar
Email: clf39(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Pamela Fox

Pamela Fox
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Research/Teaching Specialties: American and British Working-Class Literature and Culture; Country Music; Feminist Theory; Literature by Women; Transracial and Transnational Adoption; Motherhood Memoirs and Literature
Email: foxp(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of David Gewanter

David Gewanter (He/Him/His)
Research/Teaching Specialties: Creative Writing; Poetry Writing; Modern & Contemporary Poems; The Lyric; “Investigative” Poems; Composition; Travel Writing
Email: gewanted(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of John Glavin

John Glavin
Research/Teaching Specialties: Writing for the Screen; 19th Century Fiction; Adaptation
Email: glavinj(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Nathan Hensley

Nathan Hensley (He/Him/His)
Associate Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Victorian Literature; Critical Theory; Environmental Humanities
Email: nathan.hensley(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Brian Hochman

Brian Hochman (He/Him/His)
Hubert J. Cloke Endowed Director of the American Studies Program

Research/Teaching Specialties: U.S. Cultural History; 19th and 20th-Century American Literature and Culture; Film and Media Studies; Sound Studies; Surveillance Studies
Email: brian.hochman(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of M. Lindsay Kaplan

M. Lindsay Kaplan (She/Her/Hers)
Research/Teaching Specialties: Medieval and Early Modern Literature; Pre-Modern Critical Race Studies; Gender; Shakespeare
Email: kaplanl(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Peggy Lee Headshot

Peggy Lee (She/Her/Hers)
Assistant Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Contemporary U.S. Ethnic Literature and Poetry; Critical Race and Ethnic Studies; Asian American Studies; Women of Color Feminisms; Disability Studies; Performance Studies; Sound and Media Studies
Email: peggy.lee(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Sherry Linkon

Sherry Linkon
Faculty Director of Writing Curriculum Initiatives
Research/Teaching Specialties: Teaching and Learning in the Humanities; Working-Class Studies; American Literature
Email: sherry.linkon(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of David Lipscomb

David Lipscomb
Associate Teaching Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Writing Studies; Professional Writing; Writing Center Studies and Administration
Email: dcl(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Eddie Maloney

Eddie Maloney
Executive Director, Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship
Professor of the Practice

Research/Teaching Specialties: African American Literary & Cultural Studies; 20th Century Modern and Postmodern Fiction; Narrative Theory; Critical Theory; Digital Humanities; Education Research
Email: eddie.maloney(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Mark McMorris

Mark McMorris
Research/Teaching Specialties: Twentieth-Century and Contemporary Poetry & Poetics; Avant-Garde and Experimental Poetry & Poetics; Poetry Writing; Postcolonial Literature and Theory
Email: mcmorrim(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Sarah McNamer

Sarah McNamer
Director of Global Medieval Studies Program
Research/Teaching Specialties: Medieval Literature and Culture (English, Italian, French); Middle English Literature; The History of Emotion; Global Medieval Studies; World Literature; Chaucer
Email: mcnamer(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Lori Merish

Lori Merish
Research/Teaching Specialties: 19th and 20th Century U.S. Literature and Culture; Feminist Theory and Women’s Writing; Multi-Ethnic and Working-Class U.S. Literatures; Literature and Material Culture (including “Thing Theory” and Theories of Commodity Culture); Transatlanticism; Literature and Economic Justice
Email: lam34(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Angelyn Mitchell

Angelyn L. Mitchell
Associate Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: African American Literary & Cultural Studies; African American Studies; American Literary and Cultural Studies; Morrison Studies; Critical Race Studies; African American Intellectual History; Black Popular Culture; Southern Studies; American Studies; Feminist Theory; Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies; Black Women Writers; Whiteness Studies; Ethnic Studies
Email: angelyn.mitchell(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Amani Morrison

Amani Morrison (She/Her/Hers)
Assistant Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: African American Literature and Culture; Housing and Home; Digital Humanities; Urban Humanities; Interdisciplinary Methods; Harlem Renaissance and Black Chicago Renaissance; Black Coming-of-Age Narratives; Race, Place, and Representation; Literature and the Archive

Headshot of Patrick O'Malley

Patrick R. O’Malley
Director of Graduate Studies
Research/Teaching Specialties: 19th-Century British and Irish Literature and Culture; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Religion and Literature
Email: pro(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Ricardo Ortiz

Ricardo Ortíz
Research/Teaching Specialties: US Latinx Literature and Culture; Critical Theory; American Studies; Cultural Studies; Gender and Sexuality Studies
Email: ricardo.ortiz(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of J Palmeri

Jason “J” Palmeri (They/He)
Director of the Writing Program
Research/Teaching Specialties: Writing Pedagogy (History, Theory, and Practice); Digital and Multimodal Rhetorics; Digital Humanities; Queer Literacies
Email: jp2099(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Cóilín Parsons

Cóilín Parsons
Associate Professor
Director of Global Irish Studies Program
Research/Teaching Specialties: Irish Literature; Postcolonial Literature; Modernism
Email: cp748(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Seth Perlow

Seth Perlow
Associate Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: 20th-Century and Contemporary U.S. Literature; Poetry and Poetics; Comparative Media Studies; Postmodern Fiction; Critical Theory
Email: seth.perlow(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Amanda Phillips

Amanda Phillips (They/He/She)
Associate Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Media Studies; Digital Humanities; Feminist Theory; Critical Race Theory; Queer Theory
Email: amanda.phillips(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headhsot of Libbie Rifkin

Libbie S. Rifkin
Teaching Professor
Associate Director of Disability Studies Program
Research/Teaching Specialties: Modern and Contemporary American Poetry including Classes in Modernism; African American and Women’s Poetry; Disability Studies; Gender and Poetic Friendship; Avant-Garde Poetic Careers
Email: lsr(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Nicole Rizzuto

Nicole Rizzuto
Associate Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Critical Theory; Modernism; Postcolonial/Anglophone Literature
Email: nr381(at)georgetown(dot)edu

A white man in a blue shirt and glasses smiles at the camera.

Phil Sandick
Assistant Teaching Professor
Director of the Creative Writing Minor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Composition and Creative Writing Pedagogy; Research Methods in Rhetoric and Composition; Contemporary Fiction; The Short Story
Email: ps1129(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Daniel Shore

Daniel Shore
Department Chair
Research/Teaching Specialties: Early Modern Literature; Digital Humanities; Linguistics; Intellectual History
Email: daniel.shore(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Christine So

Christine So
Associate Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Asian American Studies; Critical Race Studies; Law and Literature
Email: christine.so(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Mecca Sullivan

Mecca Sullivan
Associate Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: African American and African Diaspora Literature; Black Feminism; Queer Studies; Gender and Sexuality; Creative Writing
Email: mecca.sullivan(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Rebecca Tarsa

Rebecca Tarsa
Assistant Teaching Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Digital and Web Writing; Multimodal Composing; Professional Writing; Visual and Digital Rhetoric; New Media Literacy; Rhetoric and Pedagogy; Digital Communities and Participation; Games and Learning; Writing Program Administration (focusing on instructor training and program development); Writing Across the Curriculum
Email: rebecca.tarsa(at)georgetown(dot)edu

A headshot of Kathryn Temple, a white woman with silver hair wearing a black turtleneck.

Kathryn Temple (She/Her/Hers)
Director of Honors
Research/Teaching Specialties: History of Emotion; 18th Century Literature and Culture; Law, Culture and the Humanities; Writing (Creative Non-fiction, Academic); Graduate Education in the Humanities; Value of the Humanities; Engaged and Public Humanities
Email: templek(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Duncan Wu

Duncan Wu
Raymond Wagner Professor in Literary Studies
Research/Teaching Specialties: Poetry; British Romanticism; Postwar British Drama
Email: duncan.wu(at)georgetown(dot)edu