Writing Program Faculty

Headshot of Sherry Linkon

Sherry Lee Linkon
Research/Teaching Specialties: Teaching and Learning in the Humanities, Working- Class Studies, American Literature
Email: sherry.linkon@georgetown.edu

Headshot of David Lipscomb

David Lipscomb
Interim Director of the Writing Program
Assistant Teaching Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Writing Studies, Professional Writing, Writing Center Studies and Administration
Email: dcl@georgetown.edu

Headshot of Monica Maxwell

Monica Maxwell
Assistant Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Academic Writing for Non-Native English Speakers, American Literature within Cultural and Historical Contexts, English as a Foreign/Second Language, Foreign Language Teaching Pedagogy, Applied Linguistics/Sociolinguistics
Email: maxwellm@georgetown.edu

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Phil Sandick
Interim Director of Creative Writing
Assistant Teaching Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Composition and Creative Writing Pedagogy, Research Methods in Rhetoric and Composition, Contemporary Fiction, The Short Story
Email: ps1129@georgetown.edu

Headshot of Rebecca Tarsa

Rebecca Tarsa
Assistant Teaching Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Digital and Web Writing, Multimodal Composing, Professional Writing, Visual and Digital Rhetoric, New Media Literacy, Rhetoric and Pedagogy, Digital Communities and Participation, Games and Learning, Writing Program Administration (focusing on instructor training and program development), Writing Across the Curriculum
Email: rebecca.tarsa@georgetown.edu

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Mary Jane Barnett
Research/Teaching Specialties: Shakespeare–the Use of Twins in The Comedy of Errors and Twelfth Night, Rhetorical/Spatial Figures both as Theatrical Devices and as Epistemological Poetics, Utopian Dreams and Dystopian Disappointments, Writing and Culture
Email: barnetmj@georgetown.edu

Headshot of Rebecca Boylan

Rebecca Boylan
Research/Teaching Specialties: 19th-20th Century British/Global Literature; Lit, Art, and Film of WWI; Detective Fiction and Film, Victorian Literature and Photography; Exploring Narrative/Prose/Verse through Epistemology, Ethics, and Aesthetics
Email: boylanr@georgetown.edu

Headshot of Nate Brown

Nate Brown
Research/Teaching Specialties: Contemporary Fiction and Nonfiction Writing, Journalism, Literary Journal Editing, Publishing, Digital Publishing
Email: nab105@georgetown.edu

Image of the Lauinger Stacks

Nathaniel Bump
Research/Teaching Specialties: Middle English Romance
Email: nathaniel.bump@georgetown.edu

Headshot of Theodora Danylevich

Theodora Danylevich (She/they)
Assistant Teaching Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Disability Studies; Gender, Sexuality and Race in 20th C. American Lit/Film; Medical Humanities; Writing; Inclusive Pedagogies and Universal Design for Learning
Email: td87@georgetown.edu

Headshot of Lisbeth Fuisz

Lisbeth Fuisz
Research/Teaching Specialties: Twentieth-Century U.S. Literature and Culture, Composition/Rhetoric, Gender Studies/Feminist Theory, Native American Studies, Pedagogy and History of U.S. Education, Critical Multiculturalism and Social Justice Theory, Disability Studies
Email: fuiszl@georgetown.edu

Headshot of Bradley Gorski

Bradley Gorski
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Slavic Languages
Research/Teaching Specialties: Russian Literature & Culture after the fall of the Soviet Union; Russian language; Russian, Soviet, and Comparative Literature & Culture; Violence and the Undead
Email: bradley.gorski@georgetown.edu

Headshot of Andrew Gretes

Andrew Gretes
Research/Teaching Specialties: Fiction Writing, Existentialism, Phenomenology, Writing Studies, Humor Studies
Email: ag2081@georgetown.edu

Svetlana Grenier
Associate Professor, Dept. of Slavic Languages
Research/Teaching Specialties: Pushkin; Tolstoy; Dostoevsky; Herzen; 19th-Century Russian Women Writers; Reception of British Literature in 19th-Century Russia
Email: greniers@georgetown.edu

Headshot of Laura Hartmann-Villalta

Laura Hartmann-Villalta
Director, MA in Engaged & Public Humanities Program
Research/Teaching Specialties: 20th Century American and British literature, Human Rights Studies, Visual Culture (particularly Documentary Photography); Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; War Studies
Email: lah132@georgetown.edu

Image of the Lauinger Stacks

Joseph Napolitano
Email: jdn24@georgetown.edu

Headshot of Alis Sandosharaj

Alis Sandosharaj
Director of Academic Programs, Community Scholars Program
Research/Teaching Specialties: American Studies, Critical Race Theory, African-American Studies, Ethnic Studies, Creative Nonfiction, Memoir, Ethnography, Composition/Rhetoric, 20th Century American Literature, Atheism
Email: as4291@georgetown.edu

Headshot of Christopher Shinn

Christopher Shinn
Research/Teaching Specialties: Asian American and African American Literatures, World Literature and Film, Comparative Ethnicities and Race, Theories of Diaspora, Postcolonial Studies, Critical Theory, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Pulp Fiction
Email: cas262@georgetown.edu

Statue of John Carroll, Georgetown's Founder.

Niles Tomlinson
Research/Teaching Specialties: American Gothic Fiction, 19th Century American Literature, Animal Studies
Email: bnt2@georgetown.edu

Headshot of Meri Wimberly

Meri Wimberly
Research/Teaching Specialties: English; English Literature; World Literature; Composition and Research; Interdisciplinary Writing; Writing with Film Studies; Remedial English and Writing; Reading Comprehension; Cross-Cultural Competency; Postcolonial Studies; Cultural Studies; Globalization; Diaspora Studies; African and Afrosporic Literature; African and Afrosporic Art, Photography, and Film; African Political History; African Feminisms
Email: mw1332@georgetown.edu

Headshot of Dennis Winston

Dennis Winston
Research/Teaching Specialties: African American Literature, Black Street Literature, Hip-Hop Studies, Cultural Studies
Email: dw872@georgetown.edu

Headshot of Schuler Benson

Schuler Benson (He/Him/His)
Lecturer, Writing Program
Email: jb3097@georgetown.edu

Headshot of Nick Seifert

Nick Seifert (He/Him/His)
Research/Teaching Specialties: Creative Writing. Fiction. 20th Century American Literature. Composition.
Email: ns1379@georgetown.edu