Writing Program Faculty

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Daniel Atherton
Adjunct Lecturer
Email: dda30(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Schuler Benson

Schuler Benson (He/Him/His)
Adjunct Lecturer
Email: jb3097(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Casey Bieda

Casey Bieda (She/Her/Hers)
Adjunct Lecturer
Research/Teaching Specialties: Rhetoric/Composition; ESL/ELL Pedagogy; Creative Writing; Popular Culture; Ecocriticism; Digital Rhetoric; Multimodal Scholarship
Email: casey.bieda(at)georgetown(dot)edu

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Nathaniel Bump
Adjunct Lecturer
Research/Teaching Specialties: Middle English Romance
Email: nathaniel.bump(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Elizabeth Catchmark

Elizabeth Catchmark (She/Her/Hers)
Assistant Teaching Professor
Teaching/Research Specialties: Pedagogy; Rhetoric and Composition; Medical Humanities; Black Studies
Email: ec1368(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Molly Chehak

Molly Chehak
Adjunct Lecturer
Director of Digital Learning and Pedagogy, CNDLS
Email: molly.chehak(at)georgetown(dot)edu

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Jonathan Compo
Adjunct Lecturer
Email: jac500(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Theodora Danylevich

Theodora Danylevich (She/they)
Adjunct Lecturer
Research/Teaching Specialties: Disability Studies; Gender, Sexuality and Race in 20th C. American Lit/Film; Medical Humanities; Writing; Inclusive Pedagogies and Universal Design for Learning
Email: td87(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Healey clock tower with the hands positioned around 12:30.

Stacy Day
Adjunct Lecturer
Email: sld89(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Edith Frampton, PhD (She/her/hers)
Adjunct Lecturer
Research/Teaching Specialties: Dramatic Literature and Theatre Practices; Shakespeare in Performance; Composition; Twentieth-Century Anglophone Women’s Writing; Literary Theory
Email: ef698(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Sophia Grabiec

Sophia Grabiec (She/her/hers)
Adjunct Lecturer
Research/Teaching Specialties: Writing Studies; Postpedagogy; Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Email: sg1484(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Andrew Gretes

Andrew Gretes
Adjunct Lecturer
Research/Teaching Specialties: Fiction Writing; Existentialism; Phenomenology; Writing Studies; Humor Studies
Email: ag2081(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of David Lipscomb

David Lipscomb
Associate Teaching Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Writing Studies; Professional Writing; Writing Center Studies and Administration
Email: dcl(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Monica Maxwell

Monica Maxwell
Assistant Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Academic Writing for Non-Native English Speakers; American Literature within Cultural and Historical Contexts; English as a Foreign/Second Language; Foreign Language Teaching Pedagogy; Applied Linguistics/Sociolinguistics
Email: maxwellm(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of J Palmeri

Jason “J” Palmeri (They/He)
Director of the Writing Program
Research/Teaching Specialties: Writing Pedagogy (History, Theory, and Practice); Digital and Multimodal Rhetorics; Digital Humanities; Queer Literacies
Email: jp2099(at)georgetown(dot)edu

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Phil Sandick
Director of Creative Writing
Assistant Teaching Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Composition and Creative Writing Pedagogy; Research Methods in Rhetoric and Composition; Contemporary Fiction; The Short Story
Email: ps1129(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Nick Seifert (He/Him/His)
Adjunct Lecturer
Research/Teaching Specialties: Creative Writing; Fiction; 20th Century American Literature; Composition
Email: ns1379(at)georgetown(dot)edu

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Heather Steffen
Adjunct Professor
Email: hs1138(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Rebecca Tarsa

Rebecca Tarsa
Assistant Teaching Professor
Research/Teaching Specialties: Digital and Web Writing; Multimodal Composing; Professional Writing; Visual and Digital Rhetoric; New Media Literacy, Rhetoric and Pedagogy; Digital Communities and Participation; Games and Learning; Writing Program Administration (focusing on instructor training and program development); Writing Across the Curriculum
Email: rebecca.tarsa(at)georgetown(dot)edu

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Lauren Tuckley
Adjunct Lecturer
Director, Center for Research and Fellowships

Email: les58(at)georgetown(dot)edu

Headshot of Meri Wimberly

Meri Wimberly
Adjunct Lecturer
Director of the McCourt School of Public Policy Writing Center
Research/Teaching Specialties: English; English Literature; World Literature; Composition and Research; Interdisciplinary Writing; Writing with Film Studies; Remedial English and Writing; Reading Comprehension; Cross-Cultural Competency; Postcolonial Studies; Cultural Studies; Globalization; Diaspora Studies; African and Afrosporic Literature; African and Afrosporic Art, Photography, and Film; African Political History; African Feminisms
Email: mw1332(at)georgetown(dot)edu