Requirements for the Minor

The minor in Creative Writing requires six courses:

  1. One introductory multi-genre course: ENGL 280
  2. One introductory genre course: ENGL 281–290 or ENGL 450
  3. One advanced genre course: ENGL 451–459
  4. One English elective: ENGL 091–499
  5. One additional elective in the student’s field of interest: ENGL 091–499, JOUR 100–499, or another course as approved by program director
  6. Creative Writing Senior Seminar* (ENGL 491–493) -OR- independent study project** 

*Students who have fulfilled all other requirements for the minor may take the senior seminar earlier (i.e. in junior year) with permission of the director.

**Students interested in pursuing an independent study project in place of the senior seminar should discuss this with the director no later than the end of junior year. 

Note: Course substitutions to any of the above requirements must be reviewed and approved by the program director. Minors are encouraged to discuss their interests with the director and plan their course choices accordingly.