Funding Opportunities for Honors Students

If you are applying for Honors, you might consider applying for funding for your research project.  There are a number of funding opportunities at Georgetown, and more are being created all the time. 

Many of these opportunities are grants for summer research; previous English Honors students have secured funding to conduct research on Honors topics during the summer between junior and senior year.  Since Honors includes a summer research component before the senior-year Honors Proseminar this has worked beautifully.  The one tricky thing is that many deadlines for funding on campus are in early February, a month before the Honors Program application deadline in March—so if you wish to apply for funding you need to get an early start on your Honors Proposal.

Many excellent opportunities are available through Georgetown’s Center for Research & Fellowships, which sponsors a number of short-term research fellowships (the Kalorama Fellowship, the Raines Fellowship, the Provost’s Distinguished Undergraduate Research Fellowship, SMURF). 

The CRF holds workshops and provides support for undergraduate research project design and proposal development that can aid you in conceptualizing your topic and creating your proposal.

The Gender + Justice Fellowship Program has also supported the research of recent English Honors students; for example, 2 of the 6 WGST & G+JI Undergraduate Fellows in 2022 were English Honors Students!  The deadline for applying for funding is usually in December.

Other interdisciplinary programs on campus, such as the Global Medieval Studies Program, the Medical Humanities Program, and the Global Irish Studies Program—all of which are currently directed by English Department faculty–offer funding opportunities relevant to some thesis topics.  If your Honors thesis research topic intersects with one of these interdisciplinary areas, check that program website for details.