Emeritus Faculty

Headshot of Gay Gibson Cima

Gay Gibson Cima
Research Specialties: 18th and 19th Century Feminist Performance History and Theory, Critical Race Theory, Early American Black Women Activists
Email: cimag@georgetown.edu

Headshot of Miichael Collins

Michael Collins
Research Specialties: Shakespeare and Anglo-Welsh Poetry of the 20th-Century, Shakespeare, Modern British Drama, Medieval/Renaissance Drama
Email: collinmj@georgetown.edu

Headshot of Barbara Feinman-Todd

Barbara Feinman Todd
Research Specialties: Investigative Reporting, Voice, Memoir
Email: feinmanb@georgetown.edu

Lucy Maddox
Research Specialties: Slavery and Free Black People in the Mid-Atlantic Region
Email: maddoxl@georgetown.edu

Statue of John Carroll, Georgetown's Founder.

George O’Brien
Research Specialties: Irish Literature 1800–Present, Autobiography
Email: obrieng1@georgetown.edu

Headshot of Lena Cowen Orlin

Lena Cowen Orlin
Research/Teaching Specialties: Shakespeare, Renaissance Drama
Email: orlin@georgetown.edu

Headshot of John Pfordresher

John Pfordresher
Research Specialties: 19th-Century British literature, Catholic Studies: the Catholic Imagination
Email: pfordrej@georgetown.edu

Headshot of Jason Rosenblatt

Jason Rosenblatt
Research Specialties: 17th Century English Literature & History: John Milton & John Seldon, Biblical Narrative, Literature and Religion, Literature and History
Email: jason.rosenblatt@georgetown.edu

Statue of John Carroll, Georgetown's Founder.

Norma Tilden
Research Specialties: Writing and Writing Pedagogy, Nonfiction Prose, Contemporary Essay, Nature Writing, Ecocriticism
Email: tildenn@georgetown.edu

Headshot of Dennis Todd

Dennis Todd
Research Specialties: 18th-Century British and American Literature, William Byrd
Email: toddd@georgetown.edu