English Major/Minor

How To Declare a Major or Minor In English

Students wishing to declare a major or minor in English should obtain an “Academic Program Changes” form. To print off an electronic copy, click on this link. Hard copies are available from either the Dean’s Office in White-Gravenor Hall or the English Department office in New North Hall 306. Take the completed form to the Director of Undergraduate Studies during the office hours listed below.

There the “Academic Program Changes” form will be signed, and students will be assigned an adviser. Advisers make sure students understand the Major requirements, help design a course of study, and ensure students are on track toward completing their Major requirements.

During Spring 2020, the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS), Professor Daniel Shore will hold office hours at the following time(s):

Monday: 2:00–3:00pm
Wednesday: 2:00pm–3:30pm

During Spring 2020, the Assistant to the Director of Undergraduate Studies is available for students declaring majors at the following times:

Tuesday: 3:30–5:30pm
Thursday: 9:00–11:00am

Email your questions to the DUS Assistant, Erin Herbst.

Majors who have specific questions about the completion of their major requirements (i.e. transfer credits from other institutions, registration, or major requirements, etc.) should contact Professor Daniel Shore to schedule an appointment.

English Majors must complete the following ten courses:

Foundation Courses

  • One Methods of Literary and Cultural Studies course (ENGL 090)
  • One Literary History I course (ENGL 091)
  • One Literary History II course (ENGL 092)

Foundation Courses do not fulfill the HALC (Humanities: Arts, Literature, Cultures) requirement.


  • Six English electives total
    • 2 out of the 6 electives need to be upper-level electives (ENGL-304–459) [Prerequisites: Students must take one Foundation Course (ENGL 090, 091, or 092) to register for an upper-level elective]
    • The other 4 electives can be fulfilled by any ENGL course (ENGL-100-499). 

Senior Seminar

  • One Senior Seminar (ENGL 460 – 499)

Other Requirements

At least one of the six electives or the Senior Seminar must be focused on pre-1800 literatures (ENGL 100-139, ENGL 304-349, ENGL 460-469). We do not recommend saving this requirement to coincide with your senior seminar, as we offer a very limited number of senior seminars each year.

Foundation Courses should be taken as early in the major as possible. The Senior Seminar should be taken in one’s senior year.

English Minors must complete the following six courses (please note that four out of the six courses must be ENGL courses taken in this department):

Two Foundational Courses

  • One Methods of Literary and Cultural Studies (ENGL 090) AND
  • One Literary History I (ENGL 091) OR 1 Literary History II (ENGL 092)

Remember, Foundation Courses do not fulfill the HALC requirement.

Four Electives

  • Four electives at any level (ENGL 100-459).

Descriptions of Foundation Courses, Lower-Level and Upper-Level Electives, and Senior Seminars can be found under The Curriculum.