Course Offerings

Fall 2020

Critical Approaches to World Lit
Professor Sarah McNamer

Shakespeare and Film
Professor Lena Orlin

Literature & the Global South
Professor Cóilín Parsons

Testimonial Fictions & US Latinx Lit
Professor Ricardo Ortíz

Introduction to Critical Theory
Professor Seth Perlow

Approaches to Teaching Writing
Professor Sherry Linkon

MA Capstone Seminar
Professor Matthew Pavesich

MA Thesis Seminar
Professor Amanda Phillips

Spring 2021

Milton & His Readers
Professor Daniel Shore

Katrina Culture
Professor Pamela Fox

African American Lit & Criticism: Race, Place, and Representation
Professor Amani Morrison

Lannan Seminar*
Professor Carolyn Forché

Public Sphere Writing
Professor Sherry Linkon

Queer Memoir: Theory & Practice
Professor Jennifer Natalya Fink

* = The Lannan Fellows Program meets during the fall and spring semesters. You must apply and be admitted into the Lannan Fellows Program in the fall semester; after fall semester participation, you will be enrolled in this 3-credit course during spring registration.