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For more information about associated fees related to tuition, financial aid, housing opportunities, etc… click on the links below:

  • Tuition and Fees (see below)
    • Note: the fees listed on this page applicable to our program are

      1. Tuition, Per Credit Hour

      2. One-Time Transcript Fee

      3. Graduate Student Activity Fee

      4. Student Health Insurance, Per Year

    • Starting in Fall 2021, the normative credit distribution for our program is 9-9/3-3 plus Thesis Research:
      • 9 credits (3 courses) in the fall and 9 credits (3 courses) in the spring of the first year
      • 3 credits (1 course; must be M.A. Thesis Seminar) plus Thesis Research in the fall and 3 credits (1 course) plus Thesis Research in the spring of the second year
      • Note: Students who may be working full-time and/or are interested in accelerating or decelerating the normative credit load are welcome to contact the Director of Graduate Studies and submit a request for consideration.
    • Starting in 2022, for anyone who enters our program with a spring start date we will work with you to determine your appropriate normative credit load, so that you take the M.A. Thesis Seminar in the semester prior to completing the thesis project.