Prof. Patrick O’Malley Named Honorable Mention for Lawrence J. McCaffrey Prize for Books on Irish-America

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Headshot of Patrick O'Malley

Professor O’Malley’s most recent publication, The Irish and the Imagination of Race: White Supremacy Across the Atlantic in the Nineteenth Century from the University of Virginia Press, was named as an honorable mention for the Lawrence J. McCaffrey Prize! Read the prize committee’s words about his work here:

“A stimulating and valuable book in which O’Malley blends moments of transformation in Ireland and the United States with transformations in literary genre. The treatment of genre in this manner, as a way of knowing and as a way of generating knowledge to shape discourse and practice, particularly in relation to understandings and manifestations of race in Irish America, has important implications not only for Irish America but also for American Studies, for Historical Studies and for Literature Studies more broadly.”

Learn more about the American Conference for Irish Studies and their annual book awards at their website.

Congratulations, Professor O’Malley!