2014 Award Winners

The Annabelle Bonner Medal

for short fiction that demonstrates technical skill and promise in the art of the short story or narrative

Clara Foldenauer, COL 2014

“Two Stories Below”

Caroline Rosenfield, COL 2014

“Fire Escapes”

The Lynch Pendergast Medal

for the best essay on any topic in the discipline of English (no longer than 5,000 words)

Kyra Ziesk-Socolov, COL 2014

“A ‘Mind of Winter’: ‘The Snow Man’ as a Guide to Wallace Stevens’ Imaginative Poetics

The Ora Mary Pelham Poetry Prize

for the most outstanding poem or group of poems

Sophia Stid, COL 2015

“Poems for the Matriarchy”

The Quicksall Medal

for the best essay on Shakespearean drama

Robert Tyler Sanborn, COL 2014

“Manipulated Masculinity in Macbeth”

The Bernard M. Wagner Medal

for excellence in writing in any genre except drama (fiction, nonfiction and poetry)

Katherine Bellamy Mitchell, COL 2015