2021 Honors Projects

Anny Angel
Digital Cosmos, Mutual Worlds: An Archive of Queer Social Spaces

Danielle DeVillier
The Dream of Parthenogenesis: Mythic Structure and Monstrous Sexuality in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Will Fazzone
Get It? Postmodernism, Metamodernism and Infinite Jest

Lydia Franz
“Hardly a Human World”: Locating a Spiritual Female Bildungsroman in Marilynne Robinson’s Housekeeping

Charlie Goetzman
“Chaos Bewitched”: New Materialism, Old Materialism, and Melvillean Assemblage in Moby-Dick

Karena Landler
Two Janes, Two Lucys: Cultivating National Identity in Jane Eyre and Villette

Abigail Lovell
A Universe of Cells, a World of Hospitals: Reading Confinement Beyond Institutional Walls

Flannery Murphy
The Fairer Folk

Eleanor Ondeck
Blood Money: Necrotic Politics and Zombie Capitalism in the Speculative Fiction of Dickens and Whitehead

Dunni Phillips

Bianca Rodriguez
Wearing Sweats to the White House: The Introspective and Constant Evolution of Hip Hop

Bella Ryb
“A Cameo for the Aesthetic Heart”: Tillie Olsen and the Cultivation of a Proletarian Modernism in Yonnondio

Owen Toomey
The Crown of Palenque

Emma Vermylen
Here and There: A Video Memoir on My Experience as a Biracial Asian American

Glen Waters
To Grow A Peach Tree

Elaine Wong
the color of clouds