2022 Honors Projects

Elise Miner
The Aesthetic is Political: Woolf and Writing as a Woman in Wartime

Isabelle Bicks
Between Solitude and Loneliness: Examining Experiences of Isolation in Emma and Mansfield Park

Jennifer Kret
The “morbid longing for the picturesque at all costs”: Dark Academia Aesthetics and Power in Donna Tartt’s The Secret History and Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey

Jemima Denham
“Solitude in the City”: An exploration of female independence in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and Damned and Nella Larsen’s Passing

Rachael Thomas
Postcolonial Precarity: Exploring Representations of Disability and Debility in The God of Small Things, A Fine Balance and Midnight’s Children

Peyton Rhodes
So Many Years Later

Jon Pejo
Colonial Son: True Stories of a Filipino Immigrant

Stephanie Leow
Composing Identity: Social, Writer, and Student Identity in First Year Literacy Narratives

Leina Hsu
Specter-lative Psyches: Ghosts as Communicators of Black Women’s Madness in Beloved and Stigmata

Reggie Odom
The Stormcaller

Alexandra Bowman
How to Make Satire Irresponsibly: An Exhaustive and Aggressively-Researched Set of Hard-and-Fast Rules, Guidelines, and Perfunctory Throwaway Recommendations for Comic Delinquents

Rachael Johnson
High Tide: An Illustrated Memoir

Helena Jensen
“Eager for what might be obtained”: Attention and Possibility in Ordinary Language Philosophy, Care Ethics, and the Poetry of Frank O’Hara

Maddie Kearney
If You Are Still Alive, Raise Your Hand: A Trans/Crip Archive of Life in the Poetics of Death

Derek Engen
Thus We Bow