2023 English Honors Projects

Audrey Hall

Avery Van Natta
Creativity in Crisis: An Exploration of Aesthetic Responses to the HIV/AIDS Epidemic

Caitlin Baskin
Realism, Formalism, and the Drug Film

Elizabeth Fortunato
Double Down

Esohe Asuen
Fractured Femininity: The Search for the Ideal Presentation of the Female Subject

Jimmy O’Meara
Building the Ruins

Kirsten Garino
Haunted Daughters: Trauma and Narrative in the Female Gothic

Lucas Balon
The CIA Funding of Partisan Review

M Kearney
If You are Still Alive Raise Your Hand: A Trans/Crip Archive of Life in the Poetics of Death

Maeve Silk
Interiors and Architecture in 18th-Century British Gothic Fiction

Max Paley
The True Crime Podcast: Origins, Forms, and Features

Sarah Conner
Good Enough: Mothers, Daughters, and Getting Along

Zoe Hubbard
The Co-optation of Ableist Logic in The Color Purple