Aminatta Forna, OBE: Plenary Speaker at Macalster International Roundtable

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Macalster College, located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, hosted their 24th Annual International Roundtable discussion just over a week ago. This year’s sessions were entitled Empathy and Its Discontents.  One of four plenary speakers, Georgetown University’s Lannan Foundation Endowed Chair, Aminatta Forna (OBE) spoke alongside Paul Bloom (Professor of Psychology, Yale University), internationally celebrated Minnesota-based photographer Wing Young Huie, and emerging photographer Patience Zalanga (who is documenting the Black Lives Matter movement) on the “modern concept of empathy [as it] first emerged in the early nineteenth century as a matter of aesthetic philosophy.” In essence, the roundtable serves as ”a community-wide and globally-focused forum exploring critical issues from a variety of perspectives.”

To read more about the conference and its contents, click HERE.