Barbara Feinman Todd's 'Pretend I'm Not Here' Reviewed by Slate Magazine

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Barbara Feinman Todd’s memoir, Pretend I’m Not Here, was released by William Morrow on February 7, 2017. In the days that have followed, it has been reviewed by several prominent magazines, including USA Today, The Kansas City Star, and Slate Magazine. Pretend I’m Not Here, among other things, details her time as a researcher in the 1980s and 90s for big names in Washington journalism like Bob Woodward and Benjamin Bradlee and as a ghostwriter for then First Lady Hillary Clinton.

The Slate reviewer, Laura Miller, describes the memoir:

“By the time you get to that conclusion, on page 209 of this very likable book, Feinman is just about the only figure in Pretend I’m Not Here who seems trustworthy. She portrays herself, in her ghostwriting heyday, as a conscientious if overly eager-to-please naif navigating her way through a Beltway landscape populated by charismatic but flawed titans.”

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Congratulations, Barbara!