Caetlin Benson-Allott Writes About Director George A. Romero for Slate Magazine

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Hollywood and horror genre fans alike are in mourning following the passing of George A. Romero, director of the infamous Night of the Living Dead. In a new article for Slate Magazine, Caetlin Benson-Allott reminds us that Romero did not invent the zombie genre, but rather made horror culturally and politically relevant. She writes:

“People are going to remember George Romero for his zombies, with their lumbering gate, their funny costumes, and their savage hunger for human viscera. But we should also remember his movies for their innovative blend of genre pleasures and subversive politics, of commercial entertainment and artistic purpose. That is, after all, what American cinema does best.”

To read more of Benson-Allott’s article about Romero’s early career and the ways in which he used horror to comment on contemporary American culture, click HERE