David Gewanter's Fort Necessity Released by University of Chicago Press

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David Gewanter’s latest collection of poetry, Fort Necessity, is now available for order via the University of Chicago Press. The compilation uses historical documents, such as a convict ledger and court testimony, to explore labor and the human body. 

A sample of what you can find in Fort Necessity

The Coin Purse

She said: I always talk against my chances,
paint a picture of what I want
and show the ways I won’t get it—

I fill up a room of desires,
tally all the pieces there,
and then, like the moving man

carry out the cargo. Such freedom.
When it’s empty—that is,
when I see my listener’s

eyes drop, finding the room
cleaned out, the dusty air
and echoing voice, then I click

the conversation off,
snap it like a little coin purse.
I hoard my luck.


Congratulations, David!