Emperatriz Ung (GSAS '17) Featured in Wired Article

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Wired covered the latest Indie Game Jam in their article 5 Clever Quickie Games That Let You Fight the Man.  In early March, a seven day Resist Jam took place which focused on creating games that address oppression and tyranny. (A jam consists of developers and artists working together to create games in a short period of time.) Out of over 200 games produced during this event, five were chosen to be highlighted by Wired. One of these five was What To Do If You’re Stopped By Police to which M.A. English graduate, Emperatriz Ung contributed. 

The game focuses on the power of speech:

Words are used to control, detain, even arrest, without justification; this game explores language from the ACLU and the Oxford English Dictionary while helping you learn your own rights in such a situation.

Play What To Do If You’re Stopped By Police HERE. Headphones are recommended.