Interdisciplinary Research Team Begins Yearlong Inquiry into Restorative Black Ecologies and Spaces 

The image depicts a smiling brown-skinned woman with short dark hair wearing a teal and cream blouse who is standing in front of a red, distressed wood backdrop.

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An interdisciplinary team of Georgetown researchers is beginning a yearlong inquiry into the past, present and future of Black ecologies. Led by Amani Morrison, an assistant professor in the Department of English, the researchers will explore restorative Black placemaking practices that can be maintained for future generations.  

Funded through the Andrew Mellon Foundation as part of its Sawyer Seminars series, Creative Placemaking, Black Restorative Ecologies and Black Spacial Futures will include reading group meetings, public-facing roundtables, film screenings and local site visits. 

“Our seminar will explore the possibilities of place for a future of Black existence,” said Morrison. “We will look at the social and natural terrains that Black folks navigate on a day-to-day basis and how we might account for those and invest in place-based Black futures.”

Read more about the inquiry at the College of Arts & Sciences News page.