Inventing Education | Newest Publication from John C. Hirsh

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With sales opening on Amazon this week, the English Department is excited to announce our very own Prof. John Hirsh’s latest publication: Inventing Education: Georgetown Students and D.C. Youth Learn from Each Other.

Inventing Education describes a program at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., in which undergraduate students have engaged with K-6 children initially from Sursum Corda, and later from Golden Rule Apartments. Their work was primarily in reading and the language arts, but has included expeditions to museums and other places. During the COVID pandemic the program was conducted online, at Golden Rule Apartments.”

Inventing Education is more than a book, it is an encounter, a relationship, and a journey. One of the greatest poverties of life is to be deprived of literacy. In this book, John Hirsh not only tells the story of the ‘Sursum Corda’ project, he brings us into it. ‘Sursum Corda’ is the invitation at the beginning of the eucharistic prayer to ‘Lift up your hearts.’ Inventing Education not only invites us to that joyful act, it also inspires us to go to the wounded heart of humanity.” -Rev. Dr. James Hanvey, SJ

Highlighting the work of improving literacy and promoting institutional investment in the Washington, D.C. area, John Hirsh paints an extraordinary picture of the resilience of education and the value it can bring to human relationships.

Find your copy of Inventing Education on the Amazon Marketplace.