John Glavin Featured in 'High Expectations, Tough Love" Hoya Article, Celebrates 50 Years of Teaching

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A recent article in The Hoya pays homage to John Glavin’s long and storied career at Georgetown University. Professor Glavin is celebrating his 50th year of teaching, during which time he has mentored and inspired countless students. The successes of other alumni, such as Jonathan Nolan of Nolan brothers fame and the various recipients of Marshall and Rhodes scholarships, drive students to seek guidance during one of John Glavin’s office hours slots, which are filled instantly. 

Glavin is held in great esteem by students and faculty alike: 

Glavin is further revered among other faculty members for his commitment to developing students on an individual level, including Writing Center Director David Lipscomb, whose office last year neighbored Glavin’s.

“He does so much in so many areas to help students. His door is always open and there’s always a steady stream of students,” Lipscomb said. “He loves being a mentor. He really loves being a mentor for Georgetown’s brightest.”

The tough love and high expectations that characterize Glavin’s teaching and mentoring style challenge students to achieve their best by demanding the best of themselves. 

“I would say that I am more a coach than a teacher,” Glavin said. “I think one of the things a coach does is really say to somebody ,‘Perform for me and I will help you sharpen your performance.’… And that obliges me to use very high standards. I seem rigorous or demanding, it’s because what I really want people to do is become rigorous and demanding on themselves.”

John Glavin is an indispensable member of the Georgetown community and the Department of English. He has been a Hoya since his graduation from the University in 1964. 

Congratulations on 50 years, John! 

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