Maureen Corrigan Appointed 'The Nicky and Jamie Grant Distinguished Professor of the Practice' by Dean of the College

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Maureen Corrigan was appointed in April 2017 as ‘The Nicky and Jamie Grant Distinguished Professor of the Practice in Literary Criticism’ by the Dean of Georgetown University College.

She is an expert in the work of F. Scott Fitzgerald, the literature of New York City, American detective fiction, American Women’s Autobiography, the work of American Public Intellectuals in the 20th Century, and 19th century British poetry and prose. For the past 25 years, Corrigan has been the book critic on the Peabody Award-winning NPR program, “Fresh Air.” She is also a Mystery Columnist for The Washington Post and publishes regularly on NPR online. Other reviews and essays have been published in Salon, The Atlantic (online), The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Nation, Newsday, The New York Observer, The Village Voice, and The Philadelphia Inquirer. This appointment honors all of her extraordinary accomplishments as a public intellectual, particularly as a literary critic.

Congratulations, Maureen!