Prof. Bruce Holsinger Presents the 2023 Lacay Lecture in Riggs Library

Bruce Holsinger, a white man with wavy, white hair in a blue blazer, stands beneath a projection of Ethiopian parchment art; presenting a lecture before a crowd

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On March 20, 2023, students, faculty, and staff gathered in Riggs Library for the return of the annual Lacay Lecture. Professor Bruce Holsinger, presenting work from his latest publication, On Parchment: Animals, Archives, and the Making of Culture from Herodotus to the Digital Age, discussed the use of animal skins to record written culture for thousands of years. Drawing in part on interdisciplinary studies cataloging the species of the animals whose skin had been turned to parchment, Prof. Holsinger’s lecture invited guests to consider the ecological and cultural impact of such practices.  

Followed by a short Q&A session, the 2023 Lacay Lecture returned with resounding success. Special thanks to Prof. Sarah McNamer, Prof. Bruce Holsinger, and the generosity of the Lacay family. 

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