Reading Motherhood | A Digital Project Inspired by Course Taught by Professors Pamela Fox and Elizabeth Velez

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A new digital resource, Reading Motherhood (new window), debuted in early March 2021 and features content from a course of the same name taught by two Department of English professors: Pamela Fox and Elizabeth Velez. Its focus is on motherhood and its social/political contexts within literature.

Reading Motherhood aims to spark and contribute to discussions about motherhood, reproductive rights, and feminism and their intersections with gender expression, sexuality, race, and class. Its founders are two White women of different generations who have raised children of color—one via childbirth, one via transnational adoption. This site offers a space between the ubiquitous lifestyle “Mommy Influencers” and websites focused strictly on mothers in academia.

Congratulations Pamela, Elizabeth, and their amazing site designer, and English major, Colleen Baer!