Rebecca Boylan invited to lecture at WETA on Detective Fiction & Film

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We are proud to share that Professor Rebecca Boylan was invited to speak at WETA on Detective Fiction & Film Monday, May 23rd. Vice President of External Affairs, Mary Stewart invited her to lecture twice: she will be speaking at both 2:30pm and 7:00pm in an educational event for members. 

“Join fellow detective mystery aficionados for a special WETA event on Monday, May 23 (two times available, 2:30 or 7 pm), to discuss your favorite public television sleuths with Georgetown University English Professor Rebecca Boylan. From stalwarts Endeavor and Inspector Lewis (both returning for new seasons this summer on MASTERPIECE Mystery! on WETA TV 26), to gamechangers Prime Suspect and Luther, discover the common threads in the popular mystery genre that seeks truth and solves crimes. What’s in an evolving detective partnership? How does the setting and the prop (e.g. the detective’s car) translate from book to screen? How do truth theories (correspondence, coherence, and pragmatic) play out in different sleuths’ personas and cultures?  What are the myths possibly disguising the meaning of entertainment in detective fiction?”

Congratulations on this honor, Rebecca!