Barbara Feinman Todd Leads Students in Protest for Austin Tice

Recently a group of students launched a petition demanding the release of journalist Austin Tice (SFS ’02), who was kidnapped in Syria in 2012.  The Hoya highlighted how journalism program Director Barbara Feinman Todd has been instrumental in inspiring students to demand the release of Tice as well as champion journalistic freedom. 

Not only have Tice’s parents recognized Georgetown’s commitment by participating in a panel organized by Todd, but acts on-campus and off, such as a trip to the Newseum where a banner with Tice’s name was displayed and various rallies have attracted media attention. 

Still, there is more to be done, according to Todd. She hopes to hang a banner similar to that on the Newseum in another prominent place. 

“We’re just trying to keep his name in the news so people don’t forget him. Whomever else is making decisions about where our government puts our resources toward, I am hoping that they will understand that the Georgetown community has not forgotten Austin, that he is one of our own and that we care and that we want them to do whatever they can within their power to find a way to bring him home. In addition to wanting the spotlight to be on Austin, we feel it’s imperative that freedom of the press is a value that is honored by our government, now more than ever. In light of the election last week we feel it’s important that we keep this situation front and center. It’s about Austin, about a Hoya, but it’s also about global freedom of the press. We feel that freedom of the press is being held hostage.”