ENGL-288-62 – Travel Writing in Italy

Instructor: Prof. David Gewanter

Meeting Times: Meets as needed

Location: Villa Le Balze in Fiesole, Italy

Section Description:

Taught at Villa Le Balze in Fiesole, Italy. Students may enroll by application only, please visit studyabroad.georgetown.edu to apply and to get further information.
“I met a lot of people in Europe” novelist James Baldwin reported. “I even encountered
myself.” Foreign travel, even as it opens new vistas for us and splinters old stereotypes, offers us a transforming mirror. Displaced from home, we confront a new culture, famous for its history. What new texts of discovery, experience, and meditation regarding Florence can we produce this term? In this creative writing course, we’ll closely read travel journals, art reviews, fiction, and memoirs, and use them as models for creating our own hybrid blogs. Students can produce a written or mixed media journal— travelogue, historical research, personal essays and poetry, as well as photos, drawings, music, and even video. Some visits to significant Florentine places will be required.