ENGL-451-01 – Advanced Poetry & Short Prose Workshop

Instructor: Prof. Z. El-Amine

Meeting Times: MF 8AM – 9:15AM

Location: Reiss 152

Section Description:

This workshop will help you write a portfolio of poems and/or short prose pieces. We will read and discuss poems, short fiction, and creative essays; work over the drafts of our own poems and prose; and write critiques of published works. There will be significant time set for workshopping poems, short stories and essays during every class once we get rolling on the writing. The goal of the workshops will to determine what the writer is trying to accomplish with the work as opposed to relaying our likes and dislikes (instead of expressing our disparate tastes). You will receive constructive criticism of your work in a group setting, and in conferences with the professor. This workshop offers you a chance to advance your writing skills, gain inspiration from provocative and engaging reads, invigorate your writing routine, and collate your work in a portfolio at the end of the semester. The semester will conclude with an inquiry into submission and publication of work that will equip you with resources to meet the challenges of publication. Prerequisites: one college-level course in creative writing (any genre), or equivalent background, or a passion for writing.


Grading will be distributed evenly among participation, in-class assignments, homework assignments, and final portfolio.