Disability Studies Course Cluster Covered in The Hoya and The Voice

The Disability Studies Course Cluster, a set of interconnected classes focusing on disability being offered across English and five other departments, received significant coverage in Georgetown’s student publications this week: check out The Hoya and The Voice

Organized in conjunction with the Inventing the Future(s) of Higher Ed initiative at the Red House, the cluster brings students together to reach across the boundaries of discipline and examine issues raised by disability in all facets of public life through workshops and public lectures with leading scholars, performers, and activists.
All of the courses in the Spring cluster are cross-listed with English.

The Spring courses are:

Jennifer Fink, ENGL 268, “Disability and the Arts”
Susan Lynskey, TPST-347, “Deaf Performance Culture”
Sylvia Onder, ANTH-256 “Disability and Culture”