The English M.A. program at Georgetown is dynamic, innovative, and committed to offering students a breadth of choice and a variety of opportunities for scholarly and professional specialization and development. We welcome applications from students intending to pursue a Ph.D. elsewhere after completing an M.A. at Georgetown, as we do from those aspiring to careers in writing, editing, teaching, and many other fields requiring advanced skills in written communication, critical analysis, and research.

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Director of Graduate Studies: Professor Pamela Fox

We invite prospective students to contact the Program Administrator (PA), Ms. Jessica Marr if you need more information about the program than what our website provides. If necessary, they will pass your inquiry on to the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS). Students considering visiting the Georgetown campus before or after applying to the program should make every effort to schedule their visit in advance with the PA, who can make additional appointments with the DGS and/or other program faculty.

Please note: If you are awarded the Truman Scholarship, Georgetown University will provide a match of up to $30,000 to cover cost-of-education expenses, e.g. tuition and related fees, living expenses, textbooks, etc.