Funding Packages

The English M.A. program is proud to offer a variety of funding packages to nearly half its students. All of these funding packages offer full tuition remission in addition to an hourly wage.
The Department of English offers incoming students these funding packages every year. Any student offered a funding package their first year can count on tuition support in their second, contingent upon their maintaining an excellent academic record.
To be considered for one of the following highly competitive packages, applicants to the program should declare explicitly in their Statement of Purpose which package/s they're interested in, and do their best to present the strongest, most honest case they can in describing their qualifications for the position/s. For additional employment opportunities outside of the program's funding packages, see the Professional Development page.

Please contact the Academic Administrator, Jessica Marr, if you have any questions.

Graduate Writing Associateship - Writing & Culture (GWA-WRIT)

Graduate Writing Associates work closely with the Directors of Georgetown’s Writing Program and Writing Center and assist in co-teaching the University’s first-year undergraduate writing courses.
Applicants should demonstrate both a general record of academic excellence and either experience or a strong interest in teaching, preferably including the teaching of writing, tutoring or other related activities. Graduate Writing Associates prepare for, attend, and assist with class; hold conferences with students; and collaborate with the professor assigned to them in reading, discussing and responding to students’ written work. On average, they work 10 hours per week in these different capacities and must enroll in Approaches to Teaching Writing in the fall term of their first year.

In their second year, these associates serve as teaching assistants in a variety of different fields across the campus, including but not limited to English Literature courses.

Graduate Writing Associateship - Community Scholars (GWA-CS)

Community Scholars Associates work with the Community Scholars Program, which provides academic support to exceptional undergraduate students from communities that have been historically underrepresented in US higher education. Many of these students hail from working-class, immigrant and/or minority populations, and many are the first in their families to attend college. The Community Scholars Associates work for the program over both summers and all four semesters.
Associates begin the July preceding their first year during the four-week “summer bridge” phase of the program. The average workload for the summer (which includes teaching support in writing seminars, as well as a good deal of individual tutoring of first-year undergraduates) is 20 hours per week.
In both the summer and fall semesters, each Associate is paired with an instructor of a Writing & Culture Seminar. In the fall, Associates work an average of 10 hours per week, helping to prepare for class, attending and at times teaching class, helping with the assessment of student writing, and lending individual tutoring support to assigned students. In the spring semester, they do not assist a professor in class but continue an average of 10 hours per week of individualized tutoring with undergraduate students in the program. Students selected as Community Scholars Associates are also required to enroll in Approaches to Teaching Writing in the fall term of their first year.

CNDLS Associateship

CNDLS Graduate Associates are selected to work with Georgetown's Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS), which is responsible for a number of projects relating to faculty and graduate student professional development, the scholarship of teaching and learning, and teaching with technology. The Associates will help with the overall operation of CNDLS and work on a variety of projects involving pedagogical and scholarly innovation.

The position may include working on writing and communication projects (composing, editing), assessment projects, technology projects, or projects involving research on student learning. The position does not require high technical skill, but some basic technical competency is important. CNDLS Associates are expected to work approximately 15 hours per week.

Lannan Associateship

Lannan Associates work with The Lannan Center for Poetics and Social Practice. The Center's activities, funded by the Lannan Foundation, include a year-long series of poetry readings and seminars, an active program of community outreach, and a major on-campus literary and scholarly symposium in the spring.

The Lannan Associates work as a research assistant for faculty engaged in projects that intersect or are aligned with the mission of Lannan Center. These include contemporary literature, the work of living writers and poets, human rights and social justice, post-colonial studies, working class studies, disability studies, climate change and environmental crisis, LGBTQ, African-American studies, American studies, Women’s Studies and “matters of urgency.” When possible, the Lannan Associates are given the opportunity to choose which project would enrich their own research interests. The students who hold the Lannan Associate position will work on average 10 hours per week.

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