Caitlin Ouano | Honors Alum, 2017

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I don’t think anything has had as much of an impact on my confidence and my career as the English honors program. As someone who always loved writing but had never finished a long project, committing to a yearlong process and deeply focusing on one particular text strengthened my discipline tenfold. In my work as a professional writer now, deadlines and feedback do not daunt me in the slightest. The Honors program helped me develop my writing process and a confidence in my voice and perspective. I felt very supported throughout my honors journey, and it was so encouraging to have some of the department’s brightest professors believe in the importance and relevance of my work and my contributions to the field. Jennifer Fink, the chair at the time and a lifelong mentor, took great care to pair me with the perfect advisor, and the fall seminar sessions sharpened my editorial skills and trained me to give and take feedback in a way that is collaborative and helpful. What would’ve taken me years to develop professionally I developed within nine months. I cannot say loudly enough: do it.