Rachel Biggio | Honors Alum, 2020

Headshot of Rachel Biggio

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Countless times throughout your career as an English major, you’ve been writing a paper for one class, and recognized a connection between the topic of your paper and a seemingly distinct concept from another class. In those moments, you’ve wished you had the time or space to explore further — but you don’t, because you are writing a 3 page essay, it’s due in two days, and your idea totally doesn’t answer the question posed in the prompt. But, if you do Honors, you CAN follow that thread! Honors is your opportunity to expand upon your original ideas, and create a project with boundaries you set yourself. It is a totally unique and rewarding way to finish out your undergraduate degree.

The moment my outline fell into place and I knew the titles and themes of my chapters was literally magic. Also, I loved getting to present my project via Zoom back in April 2020 — it felt right to finish out the year alongside my classmates, if only virtually. And all of my non-Honors friends logged on and cheered for me!

Through the Honors program, I gained some extremely valuable project management skills. I learned how to work directly with a mentor, take responsibility for my own deadlines, and collaborate with peers. As a working professional, I use those skills every day, and I do think that Honors gave me the confidence to see myself as a mature young adult ready to stand on her own. And of course, I met so many amazing people through the program!