Transfer Credit & Study Abroad


This page contains information for transfer students, students who have studied abroad, and students interested in taking a course through the Washington Consortium of Universities.

Students may petition for up to four courses taken outside of Georgetown to count toward the English major. Courses taken at other institutions but not as part of a study abroad program (i.e., summer courses at other universities, courses taken before attending Georgetown, or courses taken while on leave from Georgetown) will be deducted from the four allowed for overseas study.

Typically, Foundation Courses, Level 2, and Capstone courses must be taken in the English Department. Transfer credits for Level I equivalents will be adjudicated by the Director of Undergraduate Studies individually for each student. All other transfer credits for the Major will also determined through the DUS’s office.


Transfer credits from other institutions in the United States are evaluated by the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Christine So. Students should meet with Professor So and bring all relevant course materials (including course descriptions and syllabi) so that the director can determine whether a given course is comparable in subject matter and work load to courses offered at Georgetown.

To have English courses from other institutions counted towards their General Education Requirements in English, transfer students will need to make arrangements with their Deans’ office.


The Department of English understands and endorses the desire of some of its majors to study abroad, and believes that such study can expand their appreciation of their discipline, and of the values, attitudes and assumptions which inform it. The department allows two courses per semester (up to a maximum of 4 for students studying abroad for a full academic year) to count toward the major. Courses taken abroad will count towards Level I or elective courses only.

Transfer credits from foreign institutions are evaluated by our study abroad advisor, who is listed below. Students are directed to submit the syllabus for each course they wish to count toward the major, as well as any papers they have written in these courses, to assist in the advisor’s evaluation.

The English professor who can approve study abroad proposals and evaluate transfer credits from foreign institutions is:

Christine So

Please contact her in order schedule an appointment.

If you are going abroad and are also interested in applying to the the Honors Program or the AB/MA Program, visit the program page before you leave so that you are aware of the deadlines and application procedures for these programs.


English majors may be interested in the Shakespeare in Performance Program, offered by the Department of English and the Office of International Programs. For more information, please see London & Stratford-upon-Avon.


Students are invited to take advantage of the course offerings at the many highly-regarded institutions in the Washington, D.C., area. Please consult the Registrar’s website on Consortium Registration for additional information.