Critical Honors Thesis Proposal

Application Guidelines

Students wishing to write a critical honors thesis should submit (1) a proposal of approximately three double-spaced pages and (2) a preliminary bibliography of at least ten to fifteen items. These two documents together should outline, as specifically as possible, a focused project with an appropriate research agenda. Students who wish to pursue a hybrid critical/creative project should include elements of both application guidelines in their applications, including their writing samples.

The proposal should:

  1. Set out clearly the subject of the thesis, including references to the major texts you anticipate using
  2. Comment on the significance of the subject
  3. Define the specific question or questions that will guide your research on the subject (in general, the fewer questions the better)
  4. Comment on the principal methodology to be used
  5. Indicate which courses have contributed to your knowledge of this subject and your interest in pursuing it

The bibliography should:

  1. Include both primary and secondary texts
  2. Provide brief annotations for at least eight of the secondary sources